Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Cloud computing to revolutionise Vietnamese technology sector

Cloud computing has been described as a “technological tsunami” and according to recent figures, the phenomenon has hit Vietnam with force.
In Symantec’s latest survey, 46 percent of participants are already deploying hybrid clouds and virtualization projects within their organisations.
The benefits of such projects are numerous. Cloud computing not only enables businesses to scale down on operation costs and improve storage performance and rate, it also allows organisations to reduce pressure on existing systems and enhance administrative management abilities.
Opportunity for local businesses
Symantec, a leading global software company, say that Vietnamese businesses are keen to embrace cloud computing. The results from their latest nationwide survey show that 39 percent of domestic businesses currently use Virtual Private Software as a Service (VPS), whereas a further 21 percent deploy server and database virtualization.
Another recent report by the top-research group Gartner highlights the growth of cloud computing in the global marketplace. Surveying over 50 percent of the world’s businesses and organisations, Gartner claim that the cloud-computing sector grows 17 percent year-on-year. In 2011 global cloud computing services amounted to US$2.4 billion and the group predicts that this will hit a staggering US$8.1 billion in 2013.
Leading firms IBM, Microsoft and HP have all signaled that Vietnam is on the tipping point of a technological revolution, and before long, will start deploying cloud-based technologies.
Some domestic businesses and organisations such as VinaCorp, Quang Trung Software and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment have quickly recognised trends in cloud computing and adopted these new practices to increase competitiveness and streamline operations.
Microsoft will propel this trend further, following the launch of its Vietnamese-language website that explores the possibilities of local businesses adopting cloud-computing services (
Oscar Chang, deputy head of Trend Micro group, asserts that cloud computing offers businesses an excellent opportunity to restructure their operating models.
In addition, he explains, it will also save companies’ money. By outsourcing infrastructure, maintenance, fixed assets, software and hardware costs, companies will only have to pay licensing costs and service fees.
Hidden risks
Despite the benefits it poses, cloud computing does bring with it a myriad of security threats, as data that was previously stored on-premises is transferred into the cloud.
Chang is the first to admit that cloud computing is a much riskier strategy than more traditional IT models. “More conventional computing styles see each computer and server individually safeguarded, but cloud computing requires a huge defensive eco-system. If your neighbour’s data is hacked, it leaves you in a vulnerable position”.
The majority of international organisations are still hesitant to upload their critical and sensitive data to cloud computing-based services because hacked accounts are not uncommon. However, these risks can be reduced if security strategy is synonymous with cloud-computing application processes.
Source: VOV
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