Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Mobile apps galloping in the Year of the Horse

VietNamNet Bridge – The Vietnamese market is big, while Vietnamese engineers are talented, but Vietnam still does not have enough necessary conditions to develop the mobile app industry.

Mobile apps

Though Flappy Bird has been taken down from app stores, it remains the hot topic for discussion on technology forums. With 50 million downloads, Flappy Bird has helped improve Vietnam’s position in the world’s mobile application map.
However, the success of Flappy Bird does not mean the strong development of the Vietnam’s mobile app industry.
According to VNISA, the Vietnam Information Security Association, most of the online games available in the Vietnamese market are the imports.
If noting that only one mobile game is developed domestically, while 40 other games are imported from other countries, one can see that Vietnamese firms do not intend to develop games themselves. They only plan to import games to distribute in the domestic market, an easy thing which allows them avoid business risks.
A report of Nokia Store showed that Vietnam is one of its 10 markets which have the highest number of downloads. However, of the 177 content developers who have products with more than one million downloads available on Nokia Store, there are only four Vietnamese, namely Naiscorp, VNG, Colorbox and BlueSea.
According to Le Hong Minh, CEO of VNG, the domestically made games just made up 10-15 percent of the total turnover of VND6 trillion from the game market in 2012.
It is questionable that Vietnamese labor force in the game industry, which is believed to be most capable in the region, can only create such a modest revenue.
However, Minh and his colleagues still keep optimistic about the future of the mobile app industry.
Flappy Bird’s success has pointed out that the mobile game and app developers in Vietnam can follow a new way, suitable to small groups of developers who don’t have to have too complicated IT systems, but only need to use web services on the base of cloud computing.
In fact, the domestic market recently has welcomed a lot of domestic mobile app products, from the dictionary, vocabulary learning, personal spending management, calendar, pocket calculator to social networks such as Zalo Chat, Tapme or Ubox.
Together with the strong development of the mobile market, the mobile app market has also been growing rapidly with the establishment of a series of app stores such as Appstore.vn, Vimarket, Mstore, Qstore, Clever Store.
Reports showed that Vietnam has listed itself among the countries with the highest growth rates of iOS and Android-based devices. With the growth rate of 266 percent, it is just second to Columbia.
ABI Research has predicted that the global total turnover from mobile apps would reach $46 billion by 2016, an increase of $8.5 billion from 2011. The Vietnamese app market would also witness a strong robust supported by the existence of 10 million smart phones and 20 million 3G subscribers.
In 2013, Nokia Vietnam put its mobile phone factory in the Vietnam-Singapore Industrial Park in Bac NInh province into operation, laying a foundation for the mobile phone manufacturer to return to Vietnam with new business strategies targeting Windows Phone management system and apps market.
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Friday, March 7, 2014

11th year anniversary of K&G Technology

K&G Technology is pleased to celebrate 11 years of operation today, March 7th  2014.
K&G Technology  would like to say thank for the trust of our clients and the contribution of their employees in the success through its 11th years and beyond.
The next 11 years will be no doubt as challenging but we are confident in continuing to deliver good IT outsourcing service for our clients.

In the same time, we celebrate the International Women's day for all lovely ladies of K&G and the party is full of joy.
Flowers for Anniversary

Gift for lovely ladies of K&G

One engineer represented of all men in the company gives the gift to the CEO 
Party with a lot of delicious food
Wonderful party

Traditional noodle of VietNam - Bún Bò Huế

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Vietnam-made Flappy Bird races to become No. 1 mobile application

The Flappy Bird mobile app has topped the App Store and Google Store charts. — Photo mashable.com
Flappy Bird, a mobile game developed by Vietnamese programmer Nguyen Ha Dong, has topped the App Store and Google Play Store charts. It proves that Vietnamese resource in application development can compete confidently to other programmer from all the world in term of skill, technology and creativity...
The game made its way to the top 10 lists of the two electronic stores during the last month.
With 50 million and over 10 million downloads from Apple Store and Google Play Store as of February 6, respectively, the app is also raking in some US$50,000 daily from in-app ads for its Vietnamese developer who lives in the capital city of Ha Noi, reports Tuoi Tre newspaper.
The 894-kb app has got over 47,000 reviews from 591,300 ratings in App Store, the same that apps like Evernote and Gmail get, and 291,750 reviews in the Google Play Store.
The game is quite simple: a player has to tap the screen to propel a tiny bird upwards. If the bird hits any green pipes that block its way while flying to the finishing line, the game is over.
Dong said his Flappy Bird is popular because it is different from other mobile games, and is a good game to be played against friends.
"People in the same classroom can play and compete easily because [Flappy Bird] is simple to learn, but you need skills to get a high score," he told the US newswire.
He added that as the app is compatible with Apple's Game Center and Google's Google Play Games, it's easy to compare scores with friends and share the scores on Facebook and Twitter.
Two other apps of Dong's, Super Ball Juggling and Shuriken Block, are available on the two online stores. However, neither game offers the level of challenge and entertainment that Flappy Bird does, the US newswire reported.
Dong said that the games' mechanics are inspired by the Nintendo game Cheep Cheep from Super Mario Bros which he played as a child. — VNS

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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vietnam advances on global ICT map

VietNamNet Bridge – The latest White Book on Viet Nam's Information and Communications Technology (ICT) outlook shows that it has become brighter on the global ICT map, despite the domestic economic downturn.

Viet Nam, global ICT map, economic crisis, income tax
The book shows that in relation to offshore services, Viet Nam remains among the top 30 leading countries in the world and in the top 10 in Asia-Pacific.
According to a report by A.T. Kearney business consultants, Viet Nam ranked eighth for offshore services, jumping two places compared to 2009.
The International Telecommunications Union (ITU) also reported the country's ICT Development Index had risen five places from 86th to 81st, ranking 4th in Southeast Asia and 12th among 27 countries in the Asia Pacific region.
This year, the Tholons Inc Consultancy continues to place HCM City and Ha Noi among the top 100 outsourcing destinations in the world.
HCM City was ranked 16th while Ha Noi was ranked 23rd in terms of software outsourcing.
The software industry failed to maintain the sharp rise enjoyed in previous years due to the economic downturn, but industry revenue reached over US$1.2 billion, a 3.1 per cent increase compared to 2011.
To Thi Thu Huong, deputy head of the Information Technology Department under the Ministry of Information and Communications, explained the modest growth in the software industry was attributed to declines on the global market which were caused by the economic crisis.
However, she said the Government aimed to promote the industry's development. This year, software products continued to enjoy investment incentives and preferential corporate income tax rates.
Source: VNS
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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Quality management in software enterprises…
Quality management system in software enterprises is becoming more and more effective. However, the number of enterprises developing their own systems is still limited...
In order for software enterprises to share experience with each other and exchange some concerns relating to quality management model, HCA and ICT Partnership held the conference “Quality management system in software enterprise” on 16th Aug 2007 in Hochiminh City.

The main topic of the conference focused on how to develop quality management process as well as some criteria and popular software development models such as CMMi, ISO 9001:2000 presented by experienced experts from leading software enterprises like FCG Vietnam, GSC, TMS, PSD, FPT Software and New Millennium.
Not totally optimist reality
Said Mr. Tran Lac Hong, vice-president of HCA, quality management system is the utmost concern of many software enterprises as well as software outsourcing customers because this is an important criteria to evaluate prestige and experience of an enterprise. Nevertheless, according to a survey one year ago, among software enterprise members of HCA, up to 60% did not have certifications and were not interested in quality management system.

“A majority of this kind of enterprise has small size and focuses on domestic market”, said Mr. Hong. According to a survey carried out by Carnegie Mellon University, up to March 2007, Vietnam had only 10 software enterprise using the model for evaluating CMM/ CMMi (Capability Maturity Model/ Integration) software production capacity.
Mr. Hong, however, rest assured that it is not imperative for small-sized to develop Quality management system. They can learn from experience and then apply flexibly into current production process to improve and upgrade their own product quality.
The necessary of flexible application.
Mr. Nguyen Cao Tung (from New Millennium Enterprise) said that quality in software quality management didn’t depend on itself only but also on other factors such as cost, flexibility/efficiency, dependability and speed/ productivity. A software enterprise should take use of all these factors to reach the highest quality and productivity at the lowest cost.

According to him, in order to successfully develop a quality management system, each enterprise needs, first of all, a leadership principle comprehensive with the outlook and long-term business objective. Besides that, an enterprise should know how to balance inner factors (internal capacity ) and outer ones (customers). He emphasized: “Working process must transparency and so do quality. In order to attract customers’ attention, a software enterprise should guarantee for both products and services”.
From the same view point, Mr. Ngo Van Toan (GCS Enterprise) added that an efficient quality management system should have the application and transfer from the top leaders of the company . “To GCS, quality management is an independent system and GSC only applies the main features of rational Unified Process. With the model that GCS is applying, capacity is the key factor and training plays a very important role”, said Mr. Toan.

Mr. Do Van Ngoc (FCG Vietnam) said that the key factor which helped FCG Vietnam reached CMMi level 5 in Jan-2005 ( focused on CMMi Initiative since 2001) was the comprehensive spirit from board of directors to all staff and the most important point was that the company had applied the available software production processes.

Mr. Ngoc told that on average, FCGV reached one-rank higher of CMMi for the period of 10 months. With the quality management FCG Vietnam is using, this is an open-structure in order to adapt with many different criteria and quality management models and a precious experience drawn from applying CMMi is that there is a need to maintain the awareness of Board of Directors. Along with that, FCG itself also develops software and tools to manage the current quality management system.
Mr. Tran Bang Viet (TMA) told that quality management system in general and quality criteria in private are used for all departments and TMA also develops a database system called “ Historical Data/ Project Knowledge Base” to reduce searching time when there’s a need for referencing or using at other projects. He added, “In the up-coming time (estimated Quarter 4/2008), TMA will upgrade into CMMi level 8 for Service 1.0).

Anh Khoa Reporter

(Source: PC World VN )
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Monday, October 14, 2013

PCs in Vietnam still at risk before Microsoft ends support for Windows XP

VietNamNet Bridge – Microsoft today reminded business and consumers in Vietnam with PCs still running Windows XP that it will officially retire service and support for Windows XP in six months’ time, on April 8, 2014.
PCs, Windows XP, harmful viruses
With half a year left to this crucial milestone, there are over 5.3 million PCs in Vietnam, or four in 10 PCs, which are still running on Windows XP, an 11-year-old operating system no longer capable of handling sophisticated cyber-attacks and demands for more data privacy and productivity.
After April 8, 2014, Microsoft will no longer provide security updates, non-security related fixes, there won’t be a number to call for technical assistance, or online technical content updates for Windows XP. This means that users will no longer receive the updates that help protect PCs from harmful viruses, spyware, and other malicious software. This may result in downtime and software compatibility issues.
Microsoft urged all business and consumers still using PCs running on Windows XP to upgrade to either Windows 7 or Windows 8. According to the findings of Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report, Volume 14, released in April 2013, Windows XP with SP3 is up to 56.5 times more vulnerable than Windows 8 RTM.
StatCounter figures for September 2013 show that Vietnam has one of the highest Windows XP installed bases in Asia Pacific. Windows XP still accounts for approximately 44 per cent of PCs in Vietnam. That’s equivalent to an alarming figure of 5.3 million PCs, which is roughly the population of Singapore. On the bright side, as of September 2013, consumers and businesses have been slowly upgrading to newer versions of the operating system, and at least 48 per cent of PCs are now on Windows 7 and 8.
Director of SMSP, Microsoft Vietnam, Pham Tran Anh said: “Clearly, there’s still a lack of urgency in organisations in Vietnam to make migration a priority. While no one likes change, consumers and businesses need to consider newer operating systems like Windows 7 or 8 in order to modernise their computing devices and to address sophisticated threats which can compromise the safety of their personal information.”
“This could result in additional costs associated with support and business continuity. With the typical deployment times for upgrades spanning from three to six months for small businesses, and more than six months for mid-sized businesses, we are really worried that companies in Vietnam are cutting it too close to the end of service date.
We’re committed to helping Vietnam upgrade,” he added.
Industry analysts have been advising businesses to move away from Windows XP over the past years. With six months to go before the end of service for Windows XP, IT analysts are stepping up their education efforts to drive a greater sense of urgency.
"Time is running out," said Handoko Andi, manager of Client Devices Research at IDC Asia/Pacific. "In order to make sure that PCs continue to be securely supported and operational, both consumers and businesses alike should be migrating to newer versions of the operating system now, given the termination of extended support for Windows XP in just six months’ time."
Source: VIR
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Vietnam dreams the software dream

VietNamNet Bridge – The initial success in the software industry gives an important reason to Vietnam to continue making heavy investment in developing software products.

Vietnam, IT power, national strategy, MIC, software, hardware
Experts believe that Vietnam should learn the experiences of building up the software industry from India, where most of the information technology firms are software firms.
India has been gathering its strength on developing the software industry, while it has been outsourcing hardware projects to the partners from Vietnam and China. The result of the strategy is that the country’s software industry has been developing very strongly, now making up 17 percent of GDP of the country.
At present, software is not the big advantage of Vietnam, and it is not the sector that brings the highest turnover in the information technology. However, experts believe that software should be seen as the industry of the future.
Though Vietnam is not a big name in the world’s software firms’ map at all, made-in-Vietnam products, to some extend, have successfully conquered the world market. CMCSoft, FPT IS, Hanel, Misa or Tinh Van are the Vietnamese well known names in the international market, while BKAV, CMC InfoSec, FPT IS, Lạc Việt, VTC Mobile, AVSoft Corp. have been famous for utility software.
Developing the software industry is the way the government tries to drive information technology firms to.
Truong Gia Binh, President of FPT, the country’s biggest technology group, said FPT IS, a subsidiary of FPT, has been setting up most of the big information systems of the nation, including the personal income tax payment management system and the e-customs clearance system. The manufacturer is the author of more than 60 percent of the national software systems.
Also according to Binh, software export is not the sector which brings the biggest turnover to the group, but brings the second biggest profit, while having created 5,000 jobs.
CMC Soft, another big guy, has also marketed a series of application software products, including the ones for document management eocman Plus, the corporate information management C-Office and the one-stop-shop administration management eDocman One.
Experts, when affirming that the right way for Vietnam is to develop the software industry, said that Vietnamese are capable enough to make software products. VNG with its successful Zalo, showed that Vietnamese can create the software products competitive with the big guys in the world.
The success of BKAV, FPT IS showed that Vietnamese have sufficient grey matter to create high quality products.
Why software, and not hardware?
Hoang Manh Cuong, a well-known information expert, said that since Vietnam lacks capital for R&D, lacks supporting industries, it cannot make the products with the low prices like Chinese products.
The development of the Vietnamese hardware industry, like the automobile industry, would reduce to a nonplus. Vietnam has been trying to develop the automobile industry for the last many years, but until now, it has been just assembling cars instead of manufacturing cars.
Cuong believes that Vietnam should go the easier way – the software industry development – which is more suitable to its capability.
Chu Tien Dung, Chair of the HCM City Informatics Association, said the hardware enterprises should think of shifting to other types of business, though it is not an easy task. He thinks that it’d be better for them to make the supporting products to provide to foreign invested enterprises.
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