Friday, March 7, 2014

11th year anniversary of K&G Technology

K&G Technology is pleased to celebrate 11 years of operation today, March 7th  2014.
K&G Technology  would like to say thank for the trust of our clients and the contribution of their employees in the success through its 11th years and beyond.
The next 11 years will be no doubt as challenging but we are confident in continuing to deliver good IT outsourcing service for our clients.

In the same time, we celebrate the International Women's day for all lovely ladies of K&G and the party is full of joy.
Flowers for Anniversary

Gift for lovely ladies of K&G

One engineer represented of all men in the company gives the gift to the CEO 
Party with a lot of delicious food
Wonderful party

Traditional noodle of VietNam - Bún Bò Huế

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